Best Schools in Mesa, AZ

While everyone knows Mesa is famous for beautiful scenery and hot temperatures, many people do not realize this city is a prime location to raise a family. The local government takes pride in providing all children with access to highly-rated educational facilities. Some of the best public and choice schools in the state are within the city limits. Here are some of the most sought-after schools.


Franklin Elementary School


The first few years a child attends school has a profound effect on their life. That’s why the staff at Franklin Elementary School goes above and beyond to make sure every kid has a positive learning experience. The school rates above average on all standardized tests, and students leave with a better understanding of social and emotional skills.


Administrators take pride in creating an accelerated and fast-moving curriculum that requires students to utilize their critical thinking skills. Although children begin by learning the basics, they usually surpass their peers when it comes to cognitive abilities and problem-solving. This school is a gem in Mesa.




Serving grades K-12, BASIS Mesa is one of the highest praised charter schools in the city. They offer open enrollment each year, and tuition is entirely free. The school first opened in 2013 and since then has become one of the fastest-growing campuses in Arizona. They offer a revolutionary curriculum for all grades, designed to create independent, strong-minded thinkers.


All classes have teachers who are considered masters in the subject. Instead of micromanaging educators, teachers can design and follow their lesson plans. Students get to work at their own pace, and most test at least one grade level above their fellow peers.


Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies


At Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, the faculty doesn’t believe in holding students back. Instead, this highly-rated school in Mesa lets children push themselves at their own pace. The campus serves grades 4-9. Every classroom in this school has the latest technology, including smart boards, computers, and document cameras. The goal is to prepare students for higher learning and advanced placement courses in high school.


Because of the vigorous curriculum here, students must apply for enrollment through an extensive screening process. The campus accepts children who demonstrate higher thinking skills and have a strong work ethic. Even though core academics are at the forefront, students choose to participate in other activities, including band, orchestra, and music technology.


Self-Development Charter School


Another excellent school is Mesa is the Self Development Charter School. This campus opened in 2000 and has kids in grades K-8. It follows a STEAM curriculum, which stands for STEM plus art. While the first class had only 37 students, today, over 500 students attend the program. Together with a science and technology center, the kids can also run around on the playground, basketball court, and track.


The school places considerable emphasis on self-development, hence its name. While teachers guide the students, the ultimate goal is to improve problem-solving skills and make kids more confident. This school is one of the top charter schools in the state, and it continues to attract more students each year.

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