Pressure Washing

Even the most beautiful homes get dirty. Exposure to the elements can quickly tarnish the exterior of your home. Cleaning it on your own will provide little to no results. You need something more powerful. If only there were a way to rinse away all of those unwanted stains without using any harsh chemical. Well, there is!

MINT Powerwash provides professional pressure washing to our clients in Queen Creek. We know how to remove years of dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from your home’s exterior surfaces. It will amaze you to see the difference a cleaning by our crew makes.


Gentle Enough for All Surfaces


Most homes have a variety of exterior surfaces, and most of these surfaces attract dirt easily. Our power washing service is just what you need to make your home look like it did when you first moved in. The crew at MINT Powerwash can wash almost any surface using this proven technique, including:

  • Brick

  • Siding

  • Wood

  • Stucco

  • Concrete

  • Tile

  • Asphalt

  • And many more

No stain is too much for us to tackle. We can remove all sorts of spots, even those that have been there for years. As we do our job, the stains will vanish before your eyes. There’s no stain too stubborn for us! Best of all, our cleaning services will sanitize your exterior surfaces as well. Say goodbye to bacteria, mold, and mildew for good. We stand behind our work and know you’ll be ecstatic with the results.


Water is the Answer


What makes our pressure washing service different from other cleaning options? Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, we let purified water do the job. Our workers use a stream of highly pressurized water to break apart and remove the toughest stains. Grease, mold, and moss are no match for our technicians. Not only will your surfaces look cleaner, but you will also help extend their lifespan. The results are long-lasting. It will be about two years before you need to retreat the surface.


Here at MINT Powerwash, we know that hot water works the best. That’s why we opt for a heated pressure wash system. Our machine warms the water to about 250 degrees F. Stains don’t stand a chance. When the pressurized water hits a stain, the grime and dirt practically melt away on contact. We invite you to see for yourself!


Commercial Properties


The appearance of your business is also important, and our team at MINT Powerwash wants to make sure your company always looks its best. That’s why we provide our clients with commercial pressure washing services. The size of your property doesn’t matter because we have the tools needed to clean every inch with care and precision.


We know that your time is valuable. That’s why we will schedule our cleaning services when it works best for you. There’s no reason to disrupt your business. Our power washing crew is fast and reliable. We work on schedule, so there’s no worry about waiting around for us. Let’s work together to keep your commercial property clean.


Your Local Queen Creek Pressure Washing Team


Why do you need to schedule power washing services with us? Not only will our team make your home or business look brand new, but our cleaning services will also increase the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. Dirt and mildew may eventually lead to erosion. Dirty surfaces will reduce the value of your home, however, scheduling regular surface cleaning with us will ensure you have the best-looking house on the block.


Two brothers own and operate MINT Powerwash. We use the ideals taught to us at a young age to run our company. Honesty and integrity are important to us. We will never lead you astray, and we always guarantee the work we provide. Schedule a consultation to learn how your Queen Creek home will benefit from a professional pressure wash.

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