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Are smudged windows distorting your view of the world? Is the screen covered in dirt and cobwebs? It sounds like it’s time to deep clean the exterior of your home. MINT Powerwash offers premium exterior home cleaning services in the Chandler area. Whether you need us for window cleaning or want us to scrub the outside of your house, we do it all.


Window Cleaning


You probably wipe down the inside of your windows each week. But, reaching the outside is much more difficult, especially if you have a multi-story home. Hiring the pros at MINT Powerwash to clean your windows each season is the best way to improve the appearance of your glass.


We pay attention to every detail at MINT Powerwash. There’s no window we can’t reach, and we use powerful tools to get your windows rid of dirt and debris. After a final squeegee, your windows will be streak-free and sparkling. No one cleans windows as thoroughly as we do.


Window Screen Cleaning


While screens provide you with extra privacy and security, they also attract dust and bugs. Don’t rush out to purchase a new window screen. We can help. The team at MINT Powerwash can loosen and remove any traces of debris from your window screens. Your window screens will look like new and last for many more years to come.


Pressure Washing


How does the exterior of your home look? If you answered dirty, it’s time to schedule pressure washing with MINT Powerwash. Using our proven heated pressure wash system, we will melt away all signs of dirt, grime, and mildew from your home’s exterior. Best of all, our technique won’t damage the fragile surfaces of your home. It’s ideal for brick, siding, wood, and even concrete. Our pressure washing services will instantly boost your curb appeal and add value to your property.


Trash Can Washing


You never know what could be hiding inside your trash cans: rodents, insects, and mold love to build homes inside dirty waste bins. But, there’s no reason why it has to be this way. At MINT Powerwash, we can wash and sanitize your trash cans using our state-of-the-art cleaning trailer. When we finish, your trash cans will not only look brand new, but they will also smell fresh!


Driveway Cleaning


Your driveway takes a beating every day. It must support heavy vehicles, and it’s always soaking up oil, grease, and other fluids. If you’re tired of looking at stained concrete, MINT Powerwash can help. Our driveway cleaning service will lift and remove even the most deeply embedded stains from the surface. Let us remove years of wear and tear from your driveway.


The Premier Exterior Cleaning Service in Chandler


Properly cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces takes the right tools and training. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up damaging your property. Plus, climbing ladders to reach upper stories is dangerous. Instead of tackling the job by yourself, you should let MINT Powerwash do it for you.


MINT Powerwash leads the way when it comes to providing top-notch exterior cleaning services. From scrubbing windows to cleaning concrete, our team does it all. We proudly extend our services to those in Chandler and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule a thorough cleaning with us.




Even though Arizona has many great cities, Chandler happens to be located right in the heart of all the action. Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe border this popular suburb. Residents can reach any of these places in under an hour by car or bus. Because of this, the city remains highly sought after by those moving into the area. 


Although it’s considered a suburb, a lot of people live within the city limit. Chandler is home to over 257,000, and the population continues an upward trajectory path. It’s ranked as the second-best suburb in Arizona and for a good reason. The residents are diverse, highly educated, and very friendly. You’ll feel right at home the minute you arrive here.


Houses in the area average about $292,000, which is a tad higher than the rest of the state. However, those living in Chandler tend to make more money than in neighboring areas. The median household income is about $77,000. Many of the city’s top earners work for Intel. This computer software giant employs approximately 11,000 people in the town. Other residents work in the education sector and the financial industry. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and PayPal are some of the most well-known commercial employers in town.


Chandler is a beautiful place to raise a family. Other residents rave about the public-school system. There are plenty of schools for kids of all ages, including charter programs and college preparation campuses.


The Ostrich Festival is a massive event in the spring for residents and tourists. During the early years of Chandler, ostrich farming was a significant part of the economy. To remember and celebrate this heritage, residents gather for a weekend of games, music, and even an ostrich race. Local organizations participate in the festival parade, which marches through the downtown area. If you’re in town during March, be sure to stop by and learn everything there is to know about ostriches and emus—you may even get to pet a few!

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