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Has the exterior of your home seen better days? No matter how much you take care of your property, you can’t prevent it from getting dirty. Wind blows in dirt, dust, and leaves. Rainstorms leave behind mud and mildew. Even mold may choose the exterior of your house for its next home. Regardless of how dirty your home’s exterior becomes, MINT Powerwash can clean it up for you. We are the number one power washing company near Gilbert, and we proudly serve all of the neighboring communities.


Window Cleaning


Don’t let smudges, fingerprints, or doggie kisses block your view outside. MINT Powerwash can have your windows cleaned in no time at all. We provide state-of-the-art window washing to our customers. Unlike the competition, we use the best machines and methods to wash away all traces of dirt. Our team even wipes down and details the trim. Your windows will sparkle like new!


Do you have windows on a higher level? Before you pull your ladder out of storage, get in touch with MINT Powerwash. We use an innovative method to clean multi-story windows without a ladder. Our team will expertly wash even the most hard-to-reach windows with ease. See for yourself!


Screen Cleaning


Many homeowners cover their windows with screens for privacy, protection, and energy purposes. However, just because you use screens doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a clear view outdoors. At MINT Powerwash, we can make your screen look brand new. Our screen cleaning services are ideal for all types, including energy-saving solar screens.


We don’t simply rinse off your screens, instead, our technicians will remove every screen carefully. Using a high-tech cleaning tool and brush, we will loosen dirt from every nook and cranny. We dry each screen with a towel and reinstall it right away. Our cleaning services will also help increase the lifespan of your window screens.


Driveway Cleaning


Do you have unsightly oil stains or paint splatters on your driveway? Even the oldest, deepest driveway stains can’t withstand the cleaning power of MINT Powerwash. We use a powerful treatment to help lift stains from your concrete surfaces. Our team will scrub each stain until it vanishes forever. Be sure to try this service on your garage floor, front entry, and sidewalk. Concrete stains don’t stand a chance against our cleaning experts.


Pressure Washing


Water is one of the most powerful cleaning tools available, which is why we offer pressure washing services here at MINT Powerwash. We use highly-pressured, 250-degree water to rinse away stains for good. This method is safe for a variety of exterior surfaces, including wood, vinyl, brick, and stone. Dirt, mildew, mold, and even wasp nests won’t stand a chance! Let us refresh the exterior of your home.


Trash Can Cleaning


Dirty trash cans harbor all types of germs and harmful bacteria. From listeria to salmonella, you don’t want to touch what’s hiding inside your trash can. While rinsing out your bins does remove some of these germs, you’ll just end up dumping them down the drain or into your yard. 


That’s why we clean trash cans differently here at MINT Powerwash. Our garbage can cleaning service will ensure every inch of your bins are sanitized and deodorized. You don’t have to worry about wastewater contaminating your property. Our specialized trailer holds all wastewater, which we safely dispose of after we leave your home.


Trust Your Home with the Best Exterior Cleaners in Gilbert


MINT Powerwash offers cleaning solutions that will help bring out its natural beauty. From pressure washing surfaces to cleaning trash cans, there’s nothing our team can’t handle. Contact us today to schedule a deep cleaning service with our dependable crew.


Living the Farming and Modern Life in Gilbert


Located just southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert, AZ is known as the ‘Hay Shipping Capital of the World.’ From where did this name derive? During the city’s early years, the primary source of money came from agriculture. Farmers thrived in the area, and many settlers moved in from all over. A bustling rail line helped the agricultural economy thrive. Today, however, you’ll find people from all walks of life moving into this sixth largest municipality in Arizona. While farmers still live on the land, many people also work in a wide range of other industries, including education, healthcare, and retail.


Today, over 232,000 residents happily call Gilbert their home. Plentiful housing and a diverse population make this city the ideal place to live for many. On average, households bring in about $88,000 a year, which is a bit over the national average. Homes currently sell for around $286,000. While that number is higher than the rest of the country, homebuyers can get a large property for the price. If you prefer to rent, expect to pay around $1,360 a month.


Families feel safe living in Gilbert. Even though a lot of people live in the city, residents still enjoy lower than average crime rates. If you have children, you’ll feel comfortable letting them play outside. Some residents even keep their doors unlocked during the day.


Additionally, Gilbert has some of the best-performing schools in the region. The Gilbert School District offers many public school options to the community. Students can participate in a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities. With many of the teachers also living in the area, this city has a very close-knit feel.


Whether you live in Gilbert or want to plan a trip to the area, there is plenty to keep you busy. For beer enthusiasts, you’ll find countless local breweries in this desert city. There are over 135 miles of trails to keep you in shape, and with great weather, you’ll never want to stay indoors. If you enjoy wildlife, a visit to the Riparian Preserve is a must for both kids and adults. And, don’t forget to check out the famous Gilbert Water Tower, which has been a key landmark since 1927.

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